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Create your own pack with the 40 issues that suit your family BEST!
Make your choice of 40 from the titles below... there are 40+ recipes on each of these themes!

The Tea Party Issue 

The Healthy New Year Issue

The Steaming Issue

The Breakfast Issue

The Desserts Issue

The Picnic Issue

The Party Issue

The BBQ Issue

The Easter Issue 

The Sweets Issue

The Dinners Issue

The Easy Issue

The Fresh Produce Issue

The Packed Lunch Issue

The Healthy Eating Issue

The Dinner Party Issue

The 5 Ingredients Issue

The Kitchen Garden Issue

The Readers Issue

The Summer Issue

The 30 Minute Issue 

The Baking Issue

The Brunch Issue

The Big Batch Issue

The Entertaining Issue

The Christmas Issue

The Lunchbox Issue

The Celebrations Issue

The Winter Warmers Issue

The Budget Issue

The Made in 30 Issue

The Festive Issue

The On the Go Issue

The Classics Issue

The Steaming Issue Vol II

The Freezer Issue

The On the Road Issue

The Holidays Issue

The Thrifty Issue

The Fast Issue

The Comfort Issue

The Snacks Issue

The Fake Out Issue

The Gift Giving Issue

The School Lunches Issue

The Dinners Issue Vol II

The Spice Rack Issue

The For Two Issue

Make It At Home Issue

The BBQ Issue Vol II

Oh, by the way... for ALL of the recipes you get both online AND offline access!
Beautiful online display and search functionality to help you find the perfect recipe... 
Easy customisable printing and email options for the recipes you want to print, email or save to your device...
AND a full colour eBook for each issue, ready for you to download!
But it's not all about the recipes, right?
We genuinely want to make feeding your family easier.
We have included excellent search functionality, so you can find the recipes to suit YOUR family, including searching by...

Ingredients to include (Great for when you have something in the fridge that needs to be used!)

Ingredients to exclude (Great for when you have someone with an aversion to something specific) 

Recipe category (Including Breakfasts, Lunch / Dinners, Sweet / Savoury Snacks, Desserts, Drinks and many more!) 

Dietary style (Including vegetarian, vegan, lower carb and LCHF) 

Allergens to avoid (Including gluten, dairy, egg and nut) 

Serving size

Preparation time

You can also save favourite recipes or recipes to try under your choice of category titles.
AND you get community support!

Join our user-only Facebook group, The 4 Blades Collective, with over 10K members to answer any questions you may have!

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